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Termite, Possum and Bird Control in Altona

Want to expel uninvited pests from your property? Noah’s Ark Pest Control provide an award-winning service for local homes and businesses. From industry-leading termite management to ethical possum and bird removal, we offer safe and effective assistance for a wide range of pests and vermin.

Noah’s Ark Pest Control operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including dedicated termite management. Once on site, our technicians utilise the world’s finest technology to detect, treat and prevent any termite activity at your property. Don’t let these timber-boring insects fester – contact us now for emergency termite control in Altona.

Termite Control, Inspection and Treatment for Altona Properties

Termites are a major concern for many Melbournians. On average, termite colonies cause more property damage than floors, storms and bushfires combined. This is why it is so important to identify these pests at the earliest stages of infestation.

Through state-of-the-art Termatrac technology, our licensed technicians can detect termite activity behind walls, ceilings and floors – all for an affordable fee. If you need urgent termite control in Altona, please get in touch with us now – Noah’s Ark Pest Control offer 24/7 assistance for both residential and commercial properties.

Possum Removal and Control – Altona & Surrounding Suburbs

Many Melbournians are all too familiar with the issues associated with our local possum population. For one, these nocturnal animals scratch, hiss and fight at all hours of the night. Possums are also cunning creatures that can quickly invade your roof and other areas of the home.

If you need professional possum removal in Altona, Noah’s Ark Pest Control provide an effective, safe and compliant service. Our qualified technicians begin by identifying all of the relevant entry points at your property. From here, we seal off all but one and offer recommendations for the future.

We operate in accordance with all current Victorian regulations, including the Wildlife Act 1975.

Bird Control, Netting and Proofing in Altona

Bird Control generally involves a strategy based on physical prevention and/or exclusion. We take the wellbeing of Australian wildlife very seriously and operate in accordance with the Wildlife Act 1975. Our services also cover the growing issue of solar panel infestation and nesting.

In recent years, we have found that bird control is particularly important for newer housing estates where pigeons take up residence and roost under solar panels. This is why we developed a product specifically designed for solar panel bird exclusion.

Contact us now for netting, proofing and bird control in Altona.