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Termite, Possum and Bird Control in Yarraville

Noah’s Ark Pest Control are an award-winning team of accredited, insured and licensed pest professionals. Whether you need expert assistance with possums, termites, birds, cockroaches, wasps or rodents, we offer 24-hour assistance across Melbourne’s North.

If you need help with termites, our services are second to none. Noah’s Ark is home to a dedicated team with intricate knowledge of termite habits, behaviour and biology. This expertise is also backed by full PestCert and HIA accreditation.

Don’t let those pests fester any longer. Take back your property with our dedicated pest and termite control services in Yarraville.

Termite Control, Inspection and Treatment for Yarraville Properties

Termites are one of Australia’s most challenging and destructive pests. In fact, subterranean termites cause more damage to homes than storms, floods and bushfires combined. The best way to handle these tricky insects is to arrange a professional inspection from accredited pest professionals.

Through targeted termite control, we provide Yarraville locals with complete peace of mind. Once on site, our licensed technicians utilise Termatrac technology that can detect termite activity through walls, flows and ceilings. These services will not only cover detection and treatment, but also the implementation of preventative measures for the future.

Professional Possum Removal and Control – Yarraville & Surrounding Suburbs

Possums keeping you up at night? You can turn to Noah’s Ark Pest Control for effective and affordable solutions. Our fully licensed and insured technicians will undertake a detailed inspection of the property and identify all the active entry points. From here, we seal off all but one, while never compromising the health of these protected native animals.

Possums, along with many other Australian species, are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. As such, our seasoned possum catchers comply with these guidelines at all times. For a detailed breakdown of our possum control service, Yarraville residents are welcome to give us a call on (03) 9372 2670.

Bird Control, Netting and Proofing in Yarraville

From existing homes to brand-new builds, we offer effective bird control services for Yarraville residents. In each case, we create management plans and solutions to free your property from these unwanted houseguests.

Bird control is not only important after the fact, but also as a preventative measure. For example, netting and proofing is a simple yet highly effective solution that wards off potential visitors. Our technicians will conduct a site appraisal and inspection, at which they will determine the best strategy moving forward. This will also involve the use of cutting edge technology to ensure that no native birds and wildlife are harmed.