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Termite, Possum and Bird Control Brunswick

Whether you own a home or business in the local area, Noah’s Ark are your source for fully insured and accredited pest professionals. As an award-winning pest company, we can handle everything from termites to possums, birds, rats, fleas, cockroaches and more.

As termite experts, we utilise cutting edge technology and equipment to detect activity at its source. This detail oriented approach has propelled us to the top of Melbourne’s termite control industry. However, if your concerns involve native wildlife, our technicians will always find a safe and humane solution that complies with the Wildlife Act 1975.

Termite Control, Inspection and Treatment for Brunswick Properties

Termites are one of Australia’s most destructive pests. When undetected, these subterranean insects can cause serious property damage, as well as hollowing out walls, ceilings and furniture. Luckily, Noah’s Ark provide a highly specilaised termite control service in Brunswick and surrounding suburbs.

We not only have the relevant skills, licenses and accreditation, but also state-of-the-art detection technology. Our Termatrac systems allow us to see through walls, floors and ceilings, identifying termite movement at the earliest stages of infestation.

If you need urgent assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us right now – We offer 24/7 assistance across inner city Melbourne.

24/7 Possum Removal and Control – Brunswick & Surrounding Suburbs

As cute as possums can be, these intelligent creatures also pose a number of problems. For one, possums tend to make a lot of noise at night, with sounds ranging from scratching to hissing and late night fights. Additionally, they may also invade your roof or any other gaps in the property.

Through safe and compliant possum removal, Brunswick residents can not only keep their property protected, but also sleep sound at night. Our qualified technicians have significant experience in this area and offer solutions that will not compromise the health of local possum populations. This approach involves identifying all of your home’s entry points and sealing all but one.

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Bird Control, Netting and Proofing in Brunswick

Noah’s Ark Pest Control offer a wide range of services designed to free you property from bird infestation. While birds will naturally fly back and forth across the local neighbourhood, issues arise when they take up residence and begin to nest.

Pigeons, for example, are currently a major issue for many homeowners in Melbourne. In particular, pigeons are known to roost and nest under solar panels. This is why we developed a bird exclusion product specifically designed to handle this issue.

If you need expert bird control in Brunswick, please contact us for a free consultation now.