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Builders & Architects

If you are constructing a new dwelling or renovating an existing dwelling Termite protection will be required as part of the compliance for your new project in most Municipal Council Areas across Melbourne. In most cases the mandatory need for termite protection will be triggered during the permit approval process. Once you receive approval it will appear as a requirement on your plans according to Australian Standards (AS3660.1-2014).

As a general rule we recommend consulting your termite professional early in the planning stages to ensure the protection strategy is appropriate for your project.

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Australian Standards (AS3660.1-2014) are the standards governing termite protection to new builds/new construction. 

In reality the risk of termite attack is present in almost all areas of Melbourne. Certainly, your risk can be much higher where you are in close proximity to typical Termite habitats such as creeks, rivers, large Eucalypts and train lines, but as a general rule of thumb we strongly recommend builders incorporate termite protection in their scope of work regardless of council regulations.

There are several different methods of protecting houses or new construction so your first point of contact should be our specialised team to discuss your project. The best starting point is to provide plans for your project. This will enable us to see how your structure is being constructed and advise you accordingly on the best approach. We can customise termite protection to suit your structure and requirements. Our commitment is to partner with homeowners and builders to ensure your new construction is compliant and sufficiently protected. After all, construction and renovation projects represent a large investment and you certainly don’t want to leave such a valuable asset vulnerable to termite attack, when it can so easily be incorporated during construction.

All of our Termite protection will be certified, according to AS3660.1-2014 (latest Australian Standards) and will satisfy your surveyor.

It is important to plan your termite protection at the start of your project as we normally attend at specified times during your project. If you forget or have overlooked this step don’t worry, we can still help you. Retro fitting termite protection once the construction is complete can be done, but is more involved and costs can be higher.

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