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Bird Control

Call Noah’s Ark for the removal of birds and proofing of your Melbourne home

Birds Control

Noah’s Ark Pest Control specialises in bird proofing & birds control in Melbourne. We are able to create management solutions to suit any property.

We offer a range of customised birds control solutions including bird proofing and removal. Our experienced Melbourne birds control technicians can perform a site appraisal and full inspection to determine, which strategy is best for you and your business. Our birds control measures are designed to protect against pest bird problems without harming the environment or native wildlife.

Although we can control pest bird populations, we do not remove or harm native birds, which are protected, under the Wildlife Act 1975.

We offer birds control for a wide range of businesses and can customise a solution to suit your needs. Call Noah’s Ark Pest Control today on (03) 9372 2670 for bird proofing and removal, as well as our other pest control in Melbourne.