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Cockroach Control


Cockroach species found in Melbourne:

  • German Cockroach – Blatella germanica
  • American Cockroach – Periplaneta americana
  • Oriental Cockroach – Blatta orientalis
  • Australian Cockroach – Periplaneta australasiae
  • Common Shining Cockroach – Native Bush species




Noah’s Ark Pest Control offers a range of chemical and non chemical treatments for cockroach species which are a Public Health pest. Native Australian cockroaches typically reside outside and only come inside by accident as they forage for food & water, so normally no treatment is required for this species. The Common Shining cockroach species is found all around Melbourne in the warmer summer months and is not a health risk.

Any premise affected by, German cockroaches should seek treatment immediately. If not treated they will breed & infect every nook & cranny, posing a considerable risk to health, as well as having an economic impact.

The key to cockroach treatment is to implement a management strategy, that involves treatment & an ongoing cleaning & sanitation regime, as this will prevent reinfestation. Our expert Technicians are highly skilled at implementing effective strategies to eliminate even the worst infestations.

  • Non chemical treatment: Glue boards, Pheromone traps, Cryonite and good hygiene sanitation.
  • Chemical treatments: Sprays, Dusts, Insect Growth Regulators, Pyrethrum gas and Gels

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