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Termite, Possum and Bird Control in Kensington

Noah’s Ark Pest Control offer a wide range of services across Melbourne’s inner city suburbs. As award-winning pest professionals, our technicians provide expert termite management, possum control, bird control and many other specialised services –  all of which are available 24/7.

Our renowned termite control gives Kensington residents complete peace of mind. In addition to detailed inspections, we also provide personalised treatment and prevention plans. For possums, birds and other native wildlife, our technicians will always handle the situation in a humane manner.

If you need assistance with termites or any other common pests, please contact us today.

Termite Control, Inspection and Treatment in the Kensington Area

Termites are a major concern for many Melbournians. Unchecked infestations can result in serious property damage, from walls to ceilings and floors. Unfortunately, much of the damage they cause is not covered by standard household insurance plans.

Noah’s Ark Pest Control are seasoned termite experts, holding all the relevant licenses and accreditation required in Victoria. Our technicians can provide everything from detailed inspections to treatment plans and preventative measures to keep your property pest free.

Contact us for termite control in Kensington or follow this link for a detailed breakdown of our services.

Possum Removal and Control – Kensington & Surrounding Suburbs

Possums are as common to Melbourne as unpredictable weather. For many homeowners, this means disruptive midnight scratching, hissing and fighting. For others, the issue even extends to property damage as possums take up residence above ceilings and other crawl spaces. Whatever your issue, Noah’s Ark Pest Control are here to provide a safe and humane solution.

Our fully licensed technicians use tried and tested methods to ensure that your possums problems are no more. If you are looking to organise a possum removal service in Kensington, don’t hesitate to call us for a free initial consultation.

Bird Control, Netting and Proofing in Kensington

There are various ways to protect a property from bird populations. The good news is that these measures repel native wildlife without any harm caused. Noah’s Ark Pest Control can provide everything from netting and proofing to general bird control across Kensington.

We conduct detailed site appraisals and inspections to determine the most appropriate bird control response. From here, our technicians will recommend measures to proof your home or business. This service also covers a growing issue for many Melbourne homeowners – pigeons that nest or roost underneath recently installed solar panels.

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