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Pre Purchase Termite Inspection

Building and Pest Inspection Melbourne

Noah’s Ark Pest Control offer thorough pre-purchase termite inspections for Melbourne property buyers, body corporate entities, builders and architects. These inspections are designed to protect from the potentially devastating effects buying or building a home compromised by termites or other timber-boring insects can take. We offer prevention services to builders and architects, and pre-inspections of homes for buyers and body corporates in conjunction with our partner company, Buildspect.

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Pre-Purchase Termite and Pest Inspection Services

Noah’s Ark Pest Control’s pre-purchase termite inspections are a must for anyone looking to purchase a Melbourne home. It is imperative that a professional termite inspection is conducted in the early phases of a property purchase in Melbourne, or for a regular inspection in your current property. 

Our technicians conduct a thorough termite and timber pest inspection on a property, something that we strongly encourage you to do as part of the due diligence process when considering a property purchase. 

If you have already selected a property, please feel free to contact our operators for advice. 

If you are purchasing as a private treaty, we will:

  • Advise you on what conditions to include in your offer to protect you in the event termites were detected during our inspection.
  • Liaise with real estate agents and vendors on your behalf to ensure pre-purchase pest inspections are performed quickly. 
  • Work with you every step of the way to supply a detailed report and valuable information on your risk level.

The report will include: 

  • Whether there have been termites previously treated at the property, 
  • If we uncover current termite or pest activity
  • A detailed Treatment Proposal illustrating the extent of any damage
  • how much the pest or termite treatment will cost, 
  • And all of this is usually delivered within 24 hours!

Arrange a pre-purchase termite inspection today to ensure that the home you want is pest free before you buy!

As an accredited pest control company we strongly discourage customers employing builders to conduct their pre-purchase pest or termite inspections. Builders are NOT licensed to treat termites, and those that obtain short-course certification are a long way from possessing the industry experience necessary to tell the difference between borer damage, timber decay, and termite damage. In many cases vendors have lost sales due to incorrect diagnosis and reporting by inexperienced builders.

We can provide a detailed pre-construction or pre-purchase termite inspection in Melbourne. This service is ideal for those looking to assess and treat the ground they are building on.

Annual Termite Inspections

Termites can be stealthy and difficult to spot, and once they make their presence known, the damage has already been done. That’s why an annual termite inspection is so important for early detection and for making sure termites haven’t begun an infiltration. An annual termite inspection for your home is the key to staying free of termites and is a worthwhile investment considering the cost of repairing termite damage. We also recommend an annual termite inspection for body corporate complexes to ensure a termite free zone across multiple properties.  

Our termite inspectors are experienced experts and understand the behaviour and biology of termites, ensuring signs of termite activity are detected quickly. Noah’s Ark uses the most innovative termite detection technology, Termatrac T3i, to find termites early. The Termatrac T3i is the only device in existence that can detect pest movements within and behind walls, floors, roofs and ceilings. All our termite experts carry the latest detection technology including Termatrac T3i and Thermal Technology.

For security and peace of mind, contact us for a professional termite treatment and inspection. All inspections comply with Australian Standards AS3660.2 and AS4349.3. 

For termite inspection and control Melbourne trusts, you can count on Noah’s Ark Pest Control.

Termite Treatment When Building or Renovating

It is essential when building or extending your home that you consider some form of termite protection to ensure termites do not compromise your structure. There are some council areas that are designated ‘Declared Zones’, which means termite protection is compulsory as part of your compliance and you will need to consult a termite professional to ensure this is completed correctly and certified. Usually, your builder should be aware of the requirements, but if not, you are welcome to consult our operators. Generally, plans will be stamped with the requirements, as per Australian Standards (AS3660.1-2014). If you do not have termite protection installed you risk having problems getting a Certificate of Occupancy. Our operators will happily advise you on the process to ensure your project is fully compliant and protected from termite attack. You are welcome to forward your plans, and our termite professionals will provide a concise proposal with advice on the best method to protect your building from pests and termites.

You can simply upload your plans through our contact form. Our operators will confirm receipt and provide details on termite protection and provide early advice on your project, ensuring you will be fully compliant and certified according to the latest Australian Standards (AS3660.1-2014).

Don’t Cut Corners with Termite Inspection, Control and Treatment in Melbourne

A termite infestation is a nightmare that no homeowner wants to face. The damage can devastate the entire structure of a home, ruining your living space and depreciating the value of your primary investment.

While weatherboard homes are at greater risk for termites, homes built of brick or on a concrete slab are not immune to the ravages of termite infestation. All homes have wooden components that are subject to termite damage, and pest control is the best way to ensure freedom from these invaders. Noah’s Ark Pest Control is the premier solution for termite control and treatment for builders, architects, and owner-builders. Termite treatment is our specialty and we do it right. All our treatments include warranties and are compliant with Australian Standards (AS3660).

For the most trusted name in building and pest control call (03) 9372 2670 for Noah’s Ark Pest Control. Be absolutely sure there is not more to the purchase of your Melbourne home than meets the eye with a thorough pre-purchase termite inspection.

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