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City Councils Don’t Seem to Care About Termites

Posted On: 13/07/17 11:19 PM

We all know it’s tough getting into the Australian property market, with prices skyrocketing and experts claiming that the inner city of Melbourne is practically impossible to buy in for first Home buyers. This combined with large scale gentrification in lower-socio-economic areas such as the inner west, leads to a rapidly snowballing market that will […]

Declared Or Not Declared…That is the Question?

Posted On: 12/01/17 7:22 AM

Emma Mendelsohn, Operations Manager, Noah’s Ark Pest Control (Vice-Chair AEPMA VIC Branch), VIC, Winners Pest Manager of The Year, 2014 is worried that Homebuyers & Renovators are being left unprotected in many high growth inner city Council areas.

In the case of, inner-west a vast majority of our, Termite Treatments are now…

Brick Homes Don’t Attract Termites. Do They?

Posted On: 9/03/16 5:18 AM

Think that living in a brick home exempts you from the risk of termites? Think again! Termite inspection and control are just as important in brick homes as Timber Homes. Even brick homes have Timber components & Termites can enter through tiny cracks in slab or around plumbing penetrations. If you have concrete stumps, this

Flying Termites

Posted On: 7/01/16 3:39 AM

Winged Termite Stuck coming out of ‘flight’ holes. Summer through to March is termite-swarming season. Many people who have not witnessed a, termite ‘winged’ swarm will find it quite confronting. Essentially, a termite swarm is caused when a mature termite colony develops reproductive’s, little bit like baby termites, that are released with a temporary set […]

The Hidden Dangers of Termite Attack

Posted On: 3/03/15 11:23 PM

Dangerous termite mud

Dangerous: Moist termite mud behind a power socket can cause electric shock or potential death. Simon Thornton from Noah’s Ark Pest Control – the Victorian State Winners of ‘Pest Manager of the Year’ for 2014 – has been treating a property in the inner-west of Melbourne for termites. Details of this termite treatment emphasise the…

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