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Brick Homes Don’t Attract Termites. Do They?

Think that living in a brick home exempts you from the risk of termites? Think again! Termite inspection and control are just as important in brick homes as Timber Homes. Even brick homes have Timber components & Termites can enter through tiny cracks in slab or around plumbing penetrations. If you have concrete stumps, this will not stop Termites from entering, but will allow us to see their presence as they will build ‘mud ‘tunnels or ‘workings ‘along concrete Stumps to enter.

The need for termite inspection, control and termite treatment isn’t just for weatherboard (wooden) homes. Unfortunately, termites seem to find just about all Melbourne homes quite tasty and few of us are immune from the hidden dangers of termite attack. Homes made of non-wooden materials are still at risk. If there are Termites is your environment then you are At Risk of Attack. The problem is often their presence is difficult to detect to the untrained eye. The following are some of the top areas and conditions that can be particularly attractive to hungry termites:

stumps with termite mud leads

Interior Termite Risks

Anywhere there is wood or Timber in ground contact or near your home is at potential risk of termite Attack. Timber in ground contact offers a concealed entry point, as they will simply enter through Timber unseen. Often, we see swelling in Timber as a sign of Termite Activity. They will attack stud wall Timbers & Cracked walls could be a sign that termites are already making themselves at home within a house’s structure. Any moisture build up or Water/plumbing leak can also cause portions of the home to become vulnerable to feasting termites as they love damp conditions.

Some of the signs that termites have taken up residence include Winged Termite Swarms, which occur in the Summer Months on a Humid, Hot Evening. Winged Termites or ‘ Alates ‘ are attracted to Light & Are Very Poor fliers & typically lose their wings. Therefore, presence of discarded wings in Cobwebs can give you a Clue that a property has had a recent Winged Termite Swarm. Other symptoms include hearing a hollow sound when you tap on interior wooden components such as skirting boards or window frames, as termites usually dine on wood from the inside out. In extreme cases, wood becomes vulnerable to caving in due to being hollowed out by termites.

termite attacked floorboards

Exterior Vulnerabilities

The exterior of your home is also at risk from termites interested in an easy food source. Properties on stumps need to be mindful of sub floor ventilation & ensure sub floor remains nice & dry.

Debris lying around the exterior of the home is often appealing to termites as well. Wood kept stacked near the home will provide a potential food source, and they can make their way into a property through foundation cracks and access Timber studs & structural Timbers. Water leaks of any kind can lead to Timber Decay/wood rot as well as termite attack. Take care that you don’t have leaking downpipes or a water supply overflow that has gone unrepaired.

Yard and Garden

Not surprisingly, a home’s yard and garden often has elements that are appealing to termites, which increases the risk that they establish & pose a Direct Risk to home. Large trees and old tree stumps, wooden fences with posts in the soil or any timber structure with ground contact like a deck or shed could be inviting to termites. Wooden garden mulch or chips can also serve as a food source to these pests. Any area sloping downward toward your home’s foundation could be an easy pathway for termites to travel.

While termites do find Melbourne homes quite appetising, there is help. Noah’s Ark Pest Control is here to assist with termite inspection, control and treatment in Melbourne. The Industry recommends Annual Termite Inspections. So consider scheduling an annual termite inspection especially during termite swarming season, to ensure that your home is free of these pests inside and out. We offer a reminder service to assist you in Remembering to Schedule Annuals Termite Checks.

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