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Possum Control in Melbourne

As cute as they are, possums are also the source of the midnight hissing, scratching, and fighting that can keep you awake throughout the night. Although they endeavour to stay away from human contact, the waste and damage they leave in their wake is a cause for concern for residents. For this reason, many people turn to us for expert possum pest control in Melbourne.

Attempting to remove and control possums on your own is not recommended. By reaching out to Noah’s Pest Control, our experienced technicians will safely and humanely deter the offending possum away from your property never to return. We offer 24/7 possum control services across Melbourne and will attend to the matter as early as possible.


possum removal in melbournePossum Removal in Melbourne


I found Noah’s Ark to be courteous and efficient in removing a pesky possum! No hesitation in using them again if need be.

Brian Raspin

Humane Possum Removal Services in Melbourne

Melbournians know all too well about the problems that possums can cause. While they will naturally inhabit hollowed trees in the wild, city dwelling possums have adapted to the urban landscape. Possums can enter anywhere from household roofs to wall cavities, crawl spaces and other gaps.

Luckily, Noah’s Ark Pest Control offers expert possum removal in Melbourne. We operate in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Wildlife Act 1975, meaning that no harm is caused to these native marsupials. If you need want more information about possum removal costs in Melbourne, please contact us now.

Very happy with your service. Everyone who I dealt with was extremely helpful & courteous. I feel confident with your help that the “possum” problem will be resolved. Glad I called.

Anne Knox

Hire an Experienced, Efficient & Humane Possum Catcher in Melbourne

Possum Removal MelbournePossum Removal Melbourne

Both types of common possum in Melbourne, the ringtail and the brushtail, are protected under The Wildlife Act 1975. That is why it is important to hire professional possum catchers that know Melbourne wildlife well. Our staff are fully licensed, insured and accredited to control native species in a human manner.

With a free phone consultation, Noah’s Ark Pest Control offers comprehensive possum control that identifies all entry points in your home. We seal them all except one, where we install a one-way exit. It is as simple as that – no more possums without actually harming a single one!



Possum Proofing in Melbourne

Possums getting out of hand? One of the most effective services we provide is possum proofing for Melbourne homes. This strategy aims to deter these marsupials from your property, without causing any harm or threating their wellbeing.

We also offer solutions for more extreme cases of possum control where significant damage is being done to the house. Our team is able to complete some simple roof repairs, as well as suggest what steps need to be done to protect the home moving forward.

Contact Noah’s Ark Pest Control today for possum control services that can’t be rivalled. Learn more about our pest control in Melbourne here.

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