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Possum Removal in Melbourne

possum removal in melbourne
Possums, as cute as they are, are the source of the midnight hissing, scratching, and fighting that is keeping you awake at night. Although they endeavour to stay away from human contact, the waste and damage they leave in their wake is a cause for concern for residents. Removing possums on your own is not recommended, but left unchecked, possum damage only becomes more expensive. Our Pest Control technicians will safely, and humanely, remove the offending possum.

Expert Possum Control

A possum will naturally inhabit hollowed trees in the wild, but in urban landscapes this is not always possible. Possums can invade roofs, wall cavities, and other gaps in your home leading to mess and damage to your home. This is why Noah’s Ark Pest Control offers expert possum removal services in Melbourne.

Fast, Efficient, Possum Removal

Possum Removal Melbourne
Both types of common possum in Melbourne, the ringtail and the brushtail, are protected under The Wildlife Act 1975. That is why it is important to hire professional possum catchers to deal with your problem. With a free quote service, Noah’s Ark Pest Control offers comprehensive possum control that identifies all entry points in your home. We seal them all except one, where we install a one-way exit. It is as simple as that – no more possums without actually harming a single one!

We also offer solutions for more extreme cases of possum removal where significant damage is being done to the house. Our team is able to complete some simple roof repairs or suggest what needs to be done.

Contact Noah’s Ark Pest Control today for possum removal that can’t be rivalled. Learn more about our pest control in Melbourne.

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