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Declared Or Not Declared…That is the Question?

Emma Mendelsohn , Operations Manager , Noah’s Ark Pest Control (Vice-Chair AEPMA VIC Branch), VIC , Winners Pest Manager of The Year, 2014 is worried that Homebuyers & Renovators are being left unprotected in many high growth inner city Council areas.

In the case of, inner-west a vast majority of our, Termite Treatments are now increasingly coming from, Maribyrnong City Council, gentrifying areas such as Seddon, FootscrayYarraville and Kingsville. However, Maribyrnong City Council is listed as ‘ Undeclared ‘ (for Termites). However, the unfortunate truth is that, Termites are across the board & to advise otherwise is simply inaccurate. In the case of this area we are regularly Treating active Termite infestations.

Our advice to all Homebuyers is to have a, Pre-Purchase Pest and Termite Inspection performed by an Accredited Termite Operator, this is an important distinction, as builders can do a short course to Inspect for Termites, but are not licensed to Treat Termites. Therefore, we strongly advise to have a Termite Operator, who is an accredited Termite Technician conduct the Inspection.

We are finding inner-west suburbs are increasingly becoming a major ‘ hot spot ‘ for Termites. There are many factors affecting this increase. In our opinion the growing gentrification of these suburbs & many homebuyers renovating these older, period homes is leading to rampant discovery of, Termite Infestations. Previously neglected homes are now highly sought after and when Flooring is replaced Homeowners are seeing evidence of Termites.

However, it could also be climate; wetter Springs &warmer more tropical summers provide ideal climbs for Termites. It also makes sense that many older period homes have lots of untreated Timber in easy reach of hungry Termites.

For all these reasons, it is fast becoming a ‘perfect Storm ‘in inner-west.

Recent case study. First homebuyer, has just purchased a 1950’s weatherboard, as a ‘ fixer-upper ‘, because it is a ‘ Hot ‘ market & there is competition, he is talked out of any ‘ Subject To ‘ Conditions & therefore foregoes the usual checks. On top of that, he checks in with, local Council & finds it is a ‘ Non- Declared ‘, Zone, so ‘ No Worries ‘!

Unfortunately, following his final Inspection & after ‘cooling off ‘he discovers, ‘Wet’ mud caked onto electrical power points Laundry wall. Lucky, power is not on yet, as wet mud in power points & throughout electrical cabling is diabolical for the unsuspecting Homeowner. We conduct a Full Inspection, & uncover an enormous ‘bivouac’/Sub Colony of Termites in Wall Cavity, with further Termite activity in Bedroom Wall, Fence & several other Spots. As a Ball park, Treatment will be $2,500 ex GST, & Repairs will add a further $5,000 + & if we identify any Structural problem due to, Termite Damage, that could increase another $3,000+.

As Termite operators, we feel obligated to warn people about these Risks.

As a guide vigilance is important, take notice of any changes in your property, doors not shutting properly, any damage to window frames, door frames or architraves, skirting boards, make sure wet areas Bathroom, Laundry are water tight. Always ensure sub floor is clear and Do Not Store Timber under or next to House.

If in doubt contact a Termite operator for advice. We are always happy to spend time giving people initial advice over phone.

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