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Importance of Using a Licensed Termite Inspector

We have recently encountered a number of homeowners who used unlicensed building inspectors to inspect their home as part of the purchasing process who missed active Termite infestations.  This is a growing trend where unqualified building inspectors will offer a pest Inspection as a package with Building Inspection, but lack the expertise and are Not licensed to do Termite/Pest Inspections.

Why you should always engage a licensed Termite expert to conduct your Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

There are few things more devastating to a home’s structural integrity than a termite infestation. Couple this with the huge costs involved in buying a home and this is not a risk a homeowner wants to take.  To mitigate your risk of buying a home with a Termite infestation it is essential you engage a licensed Termite Inspector.  Only licensed Termite inspectors have the expertise and specialist equipment to properly advise you on your potential home purchase.  Sadly, we are seeing an increase in homebuyers receiving poor advice from unlicensed inspectors resulting in thousands of dollars of repairs due to undiagnosed Termite infestations.   For expert Termite advice contact our friendly team NOW.

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